• i whip my hair back and forth

    Hey guys! 

    How are you? Today, I wanted to write in english , to change my habits. I think it's my second post in English, so yeah... i don't do it often. 

    Well, I just had a normal week, and nothing really special happened. I'm really relivied to be on the week-end, because as always, i'm tired. I don't have too much homework for monday, so i guess i'll just work a little bit and then have a rest. The wheater is not really good here ; it has rained a lot and now it's freezing outside. Everybody wears again big coat and scarf.

    I'll probably post a post tomorrow with some photos, and some inspirations ;)

    Well, i'm leaving you, with this amaaazing song! David Guetta did an amazing job again. I always have chills when i listen to it.



    kisses  xx

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